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This Is a Property Rights Issue...

This is, first and foremost, a property rights issue-  can the government make widespread zoning changes that significantly reduce the potential uses of land without any impact studies, data regarding these changes, or justification for the reasons for these changes?

Whose vision of “rural character” is accurate?

Our vision of "rural character" includes local, sustainable farming.

People making jams and cheese and yarn, cider and wine, local-grown, local-produced. Agriculture and farm goods is at the heart of my vision of rural character, yet the first thing on the list that this small group of people asked to have banned was the production of any local farm goods.

The planning commission recommended not including the P-12 in the comprehensive plan last year after investigation. Why are they now pushing it on us? Their findings include:

  • No evidence the current zoning doesn’t work
  • Allowed uses are appropriate for the area
  • Special use permits are not unique to South Fidalgo
  • There was significant opposition to the proposal
  • Property owners have expectations for the allowed uses in the zone to continue to be allowed
  • The Growth Management Act instructs them to manage growth, not stop it
Why Is This Being Pushed Through?

They Voted, and Decided It's Not a Good Idea

The planning commission voted just last year. They did not think it was a good idea then, it is still not a good idea, and this should not be pushed on people that simply do not want it. Click Here to view their comments.
We Need Your Help!

What Can You Do?

Write to the planning commission
to let them know you’re concerned.
Talk to your neighbors.
You can help by writing to the planning commission and letting them know that you're concerned about property rights in Rural Fidalgo.
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    We need your help to save property rights in Rural Fidalgo. Help us keep sustainable farming alive.

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